About me

Hi! My name is Daniel Andersson. I'm a upcoming Web Developer and Graphic Design. Right now I'm studying New Media Design at Jönköping University to develop as a Web Developer and to reach my potential. I'm born and raised in the City of Jönköping, Sweden. Mostly known as the Home of Dreamhack and a pretty good Ice Hockey Team.

I also do some Graphic Design on the side. On this site I share my best work and project that I've been a part of.

Some Things I Like




EDM from 2011 - 2014

Courses I Done:

New Media Design

  • Basic Marketing 6.0 HP
  • Client Programing with Javascript 6.0 HP
  • Graphic Design and Technology 15 HP
  • Industrial Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing 6.0 HP
  • Mathematical Tools 6.0 HP
  • Research Methods and Communication 6.0 HP
  • Visual Communication 6.0 HP
  • Web Programming and User Interface 9.0 HP


  • Culture & Proficiencty 7.5 HP
  • Language Proficiencty 7.5 HP